Saturday, 27 October 2012


It's that time of year again when we make our long haul to the Vetarama OldTimer Market in Germany, a long drive in the shop van but as always well worth it. We arrived on Friday morning early to join the long line of vendors waiting to enter the site, a wee bit damp start but things soon dried up. By lunch time we had our pitch up and ready for bussiness but the lure of what was there for sale was too much, Mick took thr first scout round to see if there was anything we were looking to pick up. It wasn't long till our stall was drawing interest maybe it was the Irish bar we had set or the selection of old British scooters etc we had for sale to raise the funds to buy our much needed Harley parts. As always the site was perfect with everything you need at close hand, this year there was a good selection of vintage Harley and Indian cycles and parts for sale and it was a tuff job to try and get round every row of stalls to run our eyes over every part, cycle, box, under counter, behind van, under cover and tucked away item there was on sale.
 We meet some great people both at our stall and around the site over the three days we where there and made some good contacts for the furture, our heads were wrecked with the amount of stuff that was there and the quailty of some of the old Harley's and Indians as well as all the other cool stuff. We have added some photos on the blog below but it doesn't even come close to explaining what was there.

Our French friends who visted our stall and spent some time at out Irish bar trying some of the best wiskey Ireland has to offer


Sunday, 7 October 2012



Just another day in the shop, still busy at repairs and service work, soon will be winter and the chance to build a couple of nice customs for next years shows.